Tips For Serving In Matches

1) Set your own tempo and rhythm.

You need to always serve at your own tempo and pace.

Which means.

Never allow your opponent to dictate the tempo on your service games.

2) Start your motion on your own terms.

Never start serving until you have mentally recovered from the last point.

If you feel any carryover effect.

Step away from the baseline and breathe deeply for 3 times and start your pre-serve routine again.

This will help you set and maintain a good rhythm for your service games.

3) Never rush through your motion.

This is a very important point when serving.

You should never feel like you are rushing before or during your service motion.

Your body needs to be relaxed and your mind should be picturing one fluid service motion.

Again, if you are feeling nervous at any time before you start your service motion.

Step away …

Habits Toward Faster Running

Have great form. There is not too much action above your waist. There is hardly any mid-line crossing of your arms. Arms are perpendicular and rock back and forth. In sprints and hills, an aggressive pumping of arms will help propel the runner forward. Try not to bounce up and down overly (vertical oscillation.) Every action of your body is serving to propel you forward, not side to side or up and down. I have noticed countless runners literally moving from side to side with each stride, which is not serving to propel them forward.

Don’t carry much extra weight.. Reconsider the gear that you’re bringing along. Even 5-10lbs. less to carry around can make a huge difference in speed. There is no need to carry a pack or 3 water bottles on a short run. Look at your caloric intake. Most human glycogen stores are good or 90 minutes …

Basketball Jumping Drills


Having flexibility is important to jump high. You need to do stretching daily which will improve and strengthen your muscles to give your body to gain flexibility. It is recommended to stretch before and after workout.

Keep Jumping:

You can use a jumping rope which is an amazing exercise to train your vertical jump. The movement of the jumping rope will also help to improve your jumping explosion. At the same time, it help to pump your heart and train your cardio together. You can put on a pair of ankle weights to your routine but do remember to be cautious in order to avoid injury.

Doing Squats:

Squats are a good exercise to build core and leg strength. Remember to do a proper squat by keeping your back straight and your hips back while squatting down. Another advice is your knees should not be bending forward to avoid …

Run a Basketball Practice

Making a schedule is something that will get easier the more that you make. I recommending having it written down or even typed up a few nights before. The hardest schedule to make it the first one because you don’t know your team yet and you don’t know what they need to work on and practice. The way to combat this is to cover all areas of the game and work on fundamentals that all teams will need to work on. Now we can get into some specifics.

The beginning of practice should start with stretching and warming up the muscles. Some coaches have this as a part of the practice right at the beginning, others make it clear to the players this is part of their job and they should warm up before practice and be ready to go right when the first whistle starts. I believe the ladder …

Running Safety

Running has long been hailed as the ‘It” exercise. It gets your heart rate up, causes tons of sweat and helps in weight loss so it has to be always good right? Well, maybe not so right.

There are serious health risks associated with running that could compromise your body and should never be overlooked. Here are seven to watch out for:

1. Sudden cardiac arrest

Though the risk stands at about 1 in every 200,000 runners, the possibility of cardiac arrest still exists. Sudden cardiac arrest is an emergency and occurs when there is an unexpected loss of heart function. Shortness of breath and unconsciousness quickly follow and lead to death if not quickly treated. Men in the mid 30s to mid 40s age range are most prone to this although women are not completely free of risk. The most likely cause apart from a history of heart problems …

Quick Player Efficiency Rating

Overall, this rating is designed to boil down all of a player’s contributions into one number. Using a detailed formula, Hollinger developed a system that rates every player’s statistical performance.

The average rating for National Basketball Association players is 15.0. NBA superstars frequently have a rating in the upper 20’s. Collegiate and high school ratings will be significantly lower than the NBA, but I’ll get in to that in a moment.

The formula that Hollinger uses is complex, but I believe it’s a highly accurate view of how a player is performing while on the floor. Because of this, during my days as an assistant coach at the collegiate level, I wanted to determine if I could come up with a way to assess a player’s performance a little quicker than using the formula that Hollinger uses.

Fortunately, I was able to find a much simpler way to rate players. …

Choose Football Shoes

For buying a pair of shoes that suit to all your requirements, you must know about various types of football shoes available in the market. To get an idea about the shoes you must follow few steps which would lead you to buy your signature pair of shoes.

– The first and foremost step is to visit an outlet with a wide variety of football shoes. Do not go to a neighboring showroom where you might find a limited range. Visiting a good showroom would guide you well.

– As you have gone and visited wide varieties you will get a fair idea on various brands and models released by them so far.

– Once you got information about various brands, choose a brand that fits well with your needs and pocket. Then, browse through for the latest and upcoming models by that selected brand.

– Watch out the differences …

Have a Kick Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Make a Free Kick

Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his free-kick and the patented knuckleball-style swoop effect that emerged when he kicked it. To be able to do a free kick a la Cristiano Ronaldo, you need to learn to turn the ball just a little and forcing the ball to swoop down suddenly while still firing accurately at full speed that will be difficult to hold.

Place the ball with the nipple facing you

When Ronaldo did a free kick, he always aligned the ball so that his nipple touched his feet. It’s hard to know whether the touch has a noticeable effect on the ball path or it’s just superstition, but there’s no harm in trying.
Step back a few steps and move to the right

Ronaldo usually retreats 3-5 paces before he takes a free kick. Then he stood with both arms straight down and his feet …

Get a Better Basketball Shot

When it comes to someone who is working on their shot, I think this quote is a great way to explain why the fundamentals are so important. Michael Jordan is the best player to ever play the game of basketball. He has nothing but respect for the game and want players to achieve success the right way. With that being said there are several different aspects to shooting the ball and all must be done correctly if a player is to become a great shooting. The perfect formula when teaching the art of shooting has to do with BEEF. Let me explain…

BEEF is an acronym that stands for balance, eyes, elbow, follow-through. This is a strategy used everywhere to teach good shoot form and is an extremely effective strategy.

B – Balance

Balance is extremely important when shooting the basketball. A player’s feet should be shoulder width apart when …

About Winning a Marathon Medal

First, it is important to establish the distance you are going to run. If you are in good shape, then you may consider the full marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers. However, if you are not in good shape, then it may be better to consider a half-marathon. However, even the half-marathon is not easy to achieve. It is important to begin training for it so that you will be able to compete well.

People consider entering a marathon for many reasons; some people want to challenge themselves, some wish to become healthier, and others strive to win the marathon medals. These tips will help you, regardless of your reasons.

1. It is important to concentrate on practicing, instead of trying to achieve perfection. You can set a goal; however, it is important to inch closer to the goal every day. Start off training small, for only for fifteen minutes a …